Airport chaos in Melbourne as taxi drivers blockade terminals demanding that Uber be BANNED from picking up and dropping off passengers

Voyagers are being cautioned to get ready for more flight confusion at Melbourne Airplane terminal, where irate cab drivers are arranging one more day of dissents against Uber drivers having the capacity to work there. Around 150 barricaded the streets prompting the household and universal terminals of the airplane terminal from 9.30pm on Tuesday. Their more

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Bakker’s Missouri town prepping for the nuclear Apocalypse and ECLIPSE fallout – where people come to stock up on freeze-dried meals and idolize the TV preacher who was jailed for fraud and accused of rape

As President Donald Trump guaranteed to release ‘fire and fierceness’ on North Korea,  a marginally assembled, whiskery Televangelist boasted about his current visit to the White House and cautioned of an up-coming ‘atomic winter.’ Jim Bakker’s studio group of onlookers whooped and cheered – before achieving profound into their pockets to purchase ‘Remaining Alive’ more

Slinky surfer SamCam shows paunchy Dave how to get a beach body: Trim and toned former PM’s wife hits the waves in Cornwall (after getting a hand with her wetsuit)

Numerous forty-something moms would incline toward not to battle their way into a wetsuit in full perspective of an open shoreline. In any case, Samantha Cameron, 46, looked trim, conditioned and certain as she arranged to hit the waves with a bodyboard in Cornwall. Unfortunately for spouse David, the less lean look that he has more

Most Americans send racy sext message and a third have used some form of dating app to meet the right one

Appears sexting is turning into a piece of regular day to day existence. In another investigation of sex and tech, 74 percent of Americans were found to have trade feisty electronic messages to their potential accomplices. ‘Sexting might be turning into another, yet run of the mill, venture in a sexual or sentimental relationship,’ said more

One of Britain’s last working mills could be closed if plans are approved to allow tourists to sail across the river that powers it

One of England’s last working water plants cool be demolished if plans are endorsed to enable boatloads of travelers to cruise the stream which powers it. Review II recorded Charlecote Factory goes back to 1086 and is one of just ten business processes as yet working in the nation. It was said in the Domesday more

Government agencies prepare for possibility of widespread power outages across the US in so-called ‘Black Sky’ catastrophes

Doomsday specialists are to gone through activities this month to reenact the likelihood of countrywide power deficiencies that would push the US to the edge of total collapse. Titled ‘Dark Sky’ disasters, they would see power down over the US – whether by human hand or impulses of nature – thus causing the crumple of more

‘Where were you when she needed you?’ Princess Diana’s former staff attack Earl Spencer after he uses US TV interview to say he wished he could have protected her

Previous individuals from imperial staff who worked with Princess Diana adjusted on her sibling Earl Spencer yesterday after he said of her passing: ‘I wish I could have ensured her.’ In a US television meet, the privileged person said that in the days after she was killed in a fender bender in Paris on August more

‘Life should mean life… it’s a real kick in the teeth’: Fury of victim’s father as M25 road rage killer Kenneth Noye is set for open jail which means he could be free in just two years

The father of the young fellow killed by criminal Kenneth Noye the previous evening said the choice to move the executioner to an open jail – and one bit nearer to opportunity – was an ‘a genuine kick in the teeth’. Noye was imprisoned for life in 2000 for the murder of 21-year-old Stephen Cameron more

Julia and the beanstalk! Keen gardener’s rare desert plant that lay dormant for years suddenly grows 30ft in weeks

For years the modest plant snuck unnoticed toward the edge of Julia Tough’s front garden. At that point all of a sudden, it began to develop. What’s more, develop. Furthermore, develop. The primary indications of life came a couple of years prior when it grew a seven-foot stalk before backpedaling to rest. Presently the uncommon more

Gruesome find for police as a mother’s body is found ‘wrapped in blankets’ and dumped in a remote creek

The frantic scan for a Queensland mother-of-two has finished in catastrophe, with her body discovered ‘wrapped in covers’ and dumped in a remote river. Police are treating the demise of 42-year-old Donna Louise Steele, who was discovered dead in bushland north of Cooktown on Sunday, as murder. In any case, police won’t affirm media reports more